Train Your Brain

A 4-Week Mental Strength & Mindset Challenge


    Your body can achieve just about ANYTHING; it’s your mind that you have to convince. No human has even come close to reaching his/her physical potential - the mind always limits the body. The more you work on your mindset, the more you can achieve.

    And what better time to work on your mental strength and mindset strategies than in between training cycles!?

    Master mindfulness every run to unleash your inner elite in our 4-week challenge!

    At the end of every week, you will assess your progress (via your progress journal). At the start of every week you will review and reflect with your coaches on a 30-minute weekly coaching call how you can leverage your learnings and turn pain into passion, mishaps into wins, etc.

    In this 4-week challenge, you will learn how:
    - A GRATITUDE practice can impact your running
    - To build a list of MANTRAS that speak to you, your goals, and your season of life
    - To practice MINDFUL RUNNING
    - To build a BOOK OF WINS, reflect on all you have accomplished during your training.
    - To RUN WITH negative thoughts WITHOUT letting them negatively affect your running.
    - To REDIRECT your thoughts during speedwork
    - To FLIP NEGATIVE THINKING when it occurs
    - To examine your LIMITING BELIEFS in your running, goals, and LIFE and CHANGE them
    - To PLAN for all RACE SCENARIOS, so you are prepared for any weather or situation on race day
    - Powerful AFFIRMATIONS are and how they can help you achieve your goals
    - To REFLECT on the work you put in after your runs and workouts

    Learn to master your mind on the run by training it!

    The 4-week challenge begins November 21st and is $20.
  • Please submit $20 payment to @jaclyn-wilson-26 via Venmo after signing up. Thank you!

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