Who am I driving crazy with 5.98❓🤣

Before I started easing back into running I’d been thinking about HOW I would run again WITHOUT focusing on the numbers. I KNEW the key to healing my body was my mindset & overcoming the things I’ve thought or focused on for my entire life. My perfectionism is PERFORMANCE-BASED which can be an issue with running 🤪… BUT I was determined to figure it out.

Gardening & walking were my saving graces for the 1️⃣4️⃣months that I couldn’t run. Running was ALWAYS my moving meditation & I was able to replicate that feeling with gardening & walking.

The thing is, when I was highly stressed with my public accounting job getting 4-5hrs of sleep a night for 4-5yrs I wasn’t tired BECAUSE my body was focused on survival and it pushed those feelings away… or more so INTO my body. Emotion is stored in the body if you don’t release it.

In the “epidemic of hurrying and cult of productivity” we fail to listen to our bodies, overworking our systems until we are tired & burned out.

💥We sabotage ourselves & underperform💥

We make mile 2️⃣1️⃣ of the marathon harder than it needs to be which causes us to fail to reach our true potential.

Mindful training can help you bring OBJECTIVE AWARENESS to your thoughts & emotions teaching your “emotional brain” to chill out.

By shifting the way you THINK you can change everything.

So why couldn’t I approach running & the rest of my life with mindfulness❓


Mindfulness teaches you:
🔹️to coexist with the discomfort which leads to the release of tension
🔹️that pain & discomfort are temporary
🔹️what is productive & what is not
🔹️not to get hung up on disappointment
🔹️process over results
🔹️all situations are temporary
🔹the body & mind to function in tandem
🔹to live in the moment in all areas of life
🔹️not to override or ignore your body’s signals but to actually TUNE IN & pay closer attention to what your body is telling you

✅Letting all thoughts pass about pace/distance pace WITHOUT emotion
✅Giving myself grace & focusing on how I feel, making sure my HR doesn’t get high
✅Sticking to my True North Goal, remembering WHY I run
✅Being present in the moment

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