➡️ REMEMBER the warm-up is PART of your run❗️

And it is part of “ALL THE THINGS.” You CANNOT just run out the door and start your run! Warming up before your run/workout is essential to staying injury free and running stronger and faster❗️

Think about it – if you just run out the door you are running on cold muscles. You haven’t warmed them up OR primed them for the work you are about to put in. Not only does warming up help prevent injuries, but it also improves your performance.

You know that first slow mile or two into your run❓️ Although a speed workout will have a running warm up, those miles are likely to be faster at the same or lower effort level WHEN you do a proper warm up versus not doing anything at all beforehand.

Running drills to include:
🔹️Butt kicks
🔹️High knees
🔹️Toe walks
🔹️Heel walks
🔹️Side shuffle
🔹️Straight legs
🔹️High skipping
🔹️Leg swings
(there are A LOT more you can include)

Want to know what else to include in your warm-up❓️

Get Warm-Up Guide for Runners here

This guide includes EVERYTHING you need to know about the warm-up, what kind of running drills to include (and HOW to do them), and what to do AFTER you run.

Get Warm-Up Guide for Runners here