I remember what it felt like to start running.

I had no idea what I was doing.

I had no guidance.

I just figured it out as I went.

I remember what it felt like to start running and to train for my first half. I signed up for my first 10K to keep me motivated for the half. I knew NOTHING about running and I had to Google how far the distances were.

🔹️ I remember wondering how far I should be running and how fast.
🔹️ I remember realizing that my Nike Free’s were NOT running shoes.
🔹️ I remember 1.5 years into running and running with a group for the first time – I had no idea what a BQ was. I had no idea what hills were. 800s, mile repeats, taper. HUH?

I started blind.

Looking back at the last 6 years I know EXACTLY what I would do differently so that I was more prepared for my first 10K, my first half marathon, my first 5K and my first marathon. I KNOW exactly what I would have done in the off season, during taper time, and during those everyday runs.

I DON’T want others to be as lost and confused as I was. I want to help others who are:
🔹️ just getting started with running
🔹️ coming back after an injury
🔹️ lost and confused as to what to do to get stronger and faster
🔹️ want to improve their running speed and endurance
🔹️ seeking to do ALL THE THINGS and not “just” run
🔹️ pushing to take it to the next level, run a personal record or qualify for a larger event

I want to eliminate the unknowns and help others be the best that they can be every single day. To find the joy in running and see HOW running teaches you SO many things about life.

I don’t just throw a training plan at you, I help you approach running and training holistically.

The truth is many athletes think they can just push hard and recover later, living without sleep or rest days, not managing stress and eating whatever they want (and that involves underfueling).

My job as a coach is to help them understand that they will be more effective as athletes, employees, spouses, parents, etc., if they get the proper rest, nutrition, recovery, strength training, etc (aka ALL THE THINGS)

Taking an all-encompassing approach to running is the way to start!

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