REMEMBER that water alone does NOT hydrate you! Water molecules need sodium in order to attach to your cells.

Just because you are drinking water does NOT mean you are hydrated. AND you can actually drink TOO MUCH water – when this happens you are actually flushing electrolytes out of your body, water goes right through you. SO if you are drinking a lot of water and have to use the bathroom pretty soon afterwards, OR you drink a lot of water but are still always thirsty, you are likely drinking too much.

So how do you stay hydrated?

Add a small pinch of salt to your water – I PROMISE you won’t taste it. You can also add salt to your food or eat saltier foods. Electrolyte replacement drinks are another option! I use Hydrate from the Performance Line and LiquidIV (code JACI.WILSON.RUNS for 25% off).

As temps and humidity increase (make sure to check the dew point to see what it actually FEELS like outside) you NEED to make sure you are consuming enough fluids BEFORE, DURING and AFTER your runs. Dehydration causes a host of problems both during your runs and in daily life including a decrease in performance and GI distress on the run – stay on top of it!!

Not sure how? Calculate your sweat rate here:

PLEASE NOTE you NEED to PRACTICE your hydration on runs, both long runs and during higher intensity runs – you need to figure out what works best for you AND you need to train your body to adapt. You need to have a PLAN.

And REMEMBER your needs will differ depending on the season of year and the weather.

BUT also realize that you MAY need to take fluids even if your run is easy effort – pay attention to the weather and YOUR NEEDS, NOT what your friends do or don’t (think) they need.

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