JUST BECAUSE someone is a runner/athlete, OR has a body that society has told us is “healthy,” does NOT guarantee health.

I was in the best shape of my life, running my fastest races and lifting the heaviest weights AND I felt AMAZING, until I DIDN’T… I looked and felt healthy but the chronic stress and burnout were taking their toll on the INSIDE. When my insides had enough the symptoms appeared and then I felt and looked AWFUL.

Listen to how your body feels throughout the day, on a rest day, after a hard lift or run and how it is recovering/responding to your training.

Focus on
➡️ Sleep
➡️ Nutrition
➡️ Recovery
➡️ Stress levels
➡️ Sunshine
➡️ Down time to relax

And you have to be your own advocate when something seems off and you are told “your labs are within range” or everything is “normal.”

AND if your blood work is “normal” PLEASE pursue other testing❗ The DUTCH test (4 urine samples for hormone testing), GI MAP test (stool test of gut health), and HTMA test (hair sample for minerals) were LIFE CHANGING for me when my blood work was “within range.”

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