Health, family, money, time, career. Do you have it all❓

There are 4 types of wealth in life.
1️⃣ Financial (money)
2️⃣ Social (status)
3️⃣ Time (freedom)
4️⃣ Physical (health)

Make sure 1️⃣ and 2️⃣ don’t rob you from 3️⃣ and 4️⃣.

Everyone talks about having balance. I don’t believe in balance. If I have a goal, I go all in on it. I’m completely consumed by it. There is no balance. Devoting equal amounts of time to everything will distract you from your goals. BUT that doesn’t mean that I don’t have a good life. I actually wouldn’t have it any other way. During the week I am fully engrossed in my business and on the weekends I am fully engrossed in my family and with recharging. MY journey, running, nutrition, health, etc comes FIRST before I help anyone else. If I don’t put myself first and I’m not obsessed with my goals and my life I can’t and won’t help anyone else.

I haven’t always had all 4️⃣, but now I do❗And I have it all because I get completely consumed with my goals and my life❗

Life isn’t about sacrificing some things or settling on others that are important. You can have it ALL❗

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