It’s the number 1️⃣ thing that holds people back from doing something new or from quitting something. FEAR of the UNKNOWN & FEAR of WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK.

Well guess what.

NO ONE else is living your life – ONLY YOU ARE. Don’t let their opinions (which are ONLY opinions) determine how you live your life. That’s not loving your best life.

And TOMORROW is not guaranteed. It is UNKNOWN, but do we choose to not continue❓No, we go to bed each night expecting to wake up the next morning. We DON’T fear tomorrow.

✅ is an indication of what we SHOULD do.
✅ let’s us know we are on the right path.
✅ tells us we are stepping outside our comfort zones.
NOTHING grows in comfort zones. NOTHING.

OBJECTIONS to joining me as a runner/client or as a coach are really MASKING the FEARS that you have. Even some of my current runners & coaches have them. 🔹️I’m not at my goal weight ➡️ I’m not either BUT it’s not about a number on the scale

🔹️I’m not at my goal pace/distance ➡️ I’m not either
🔹️I’m not fast ➡️ you don’t have to be AND fast is relative
🔹️I’m an introvert ➡️ you’re looking at one! I have a Master’s in accounting, a Type A personality & am extremely introverted
🔹️I work FT ➡️ AWESOME! I also did when I started my business
🔹️I have kids ➡️ congrats, so many of my coaches & members on my team, people I work with EVERYDAY also have kids! AND most work full-time
🔹️I don’t have time ➡️ EVERYONE is busy. If it’s important you’ll MAKE time
🔹️I can’t do what you do ➡️ HA. That’s a limiting belief
🔹️I’m on a budget ➡️ perfect, this will benefit you then
🔹️I don’t have a business background ➡️ I knew NOTHING about running a business. Most don’t
🔹️I don’t have 50k followers ➡️ me neither
🔹️I’m not social media savy ➡️ we have trainings for that
🔹️I don’t have a transformation ➡️ there is so much more to focus on than PHYSCIAL. Everyone has a story. Everyone changes in some way. Mental, emotional, financial, etc. The list goes on, you are ALWAYS TRANSFORMING❗

💣 OBJECTIONS are really limiting beliefs you are telling yourself, which are really EXCUSES you are making because you have FEARS of the unknown.

💥 FEAR ➡️ Face Everything And Rise 💥

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