💥 Throw your ego out the door when it comes to this weather

Use the guide to the right or use this calculator to adjust your pace for the temp and dewpoint:
Temperature Calculator

Relative humidity is how much water vapor is in the air compared to how much it can hold – it is expressed as a percentage.

Unlike humidity, dew point is an absolute measure, not relative, of how much moisture is in the air.

The dew point tells you how much moisture is in the air which easily translates into how it’ll FEEL outside.

Sweating is how your body naturally cools itself. But in order for you to cool down the sweat has to evaporate. The more moisture that is in the air the less the sweat is able to evaporate.

If you were to run the SAME paces as a cooler day, you would be working HARDER using MORE effort to maintain those paces.

Running with warmer temps and higher dew points means you need to ADJUST your paces to prevent overworking and overheating.


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