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➡️ I think it comes from what we are taught when we are young.

Who was taught to kick your butt or place your hands behind you and kick them❓️🙋‍♀️

The MISCONCEPTION is that your feet circle back and hit behind your butt ❌️ But we don’t do that in running – it would be VERY inefficient.

Remember running drills are an EXAGGERATION of running. We want to MIMIC running – pushing off the ground and pulling our ankle up.

What you want to do is focus on bringing your knees up and your feet underneath you before extending your leg.

Make sure your hips are tall and your shoulders are back – don’t sulk/lean forward. This helps you pull your knee up and engage your core and glutes.

➡️ Try this drill tomorrow before your run and notice how it changes your form and cues during your run 🙌

Watch the demo here!

I put together a demonstration of an improper and proper butt kick so you can practice and get your form down!

Watch the demo here!