What a FUN conversation with Justin and Robbie! Running and lifting are so much more than “just” training to me. Feeling physically and mentally strong prepares me for everyday life and allows me to fully enjoy gardening, hunting, hiking, camping, etc., – aka basically anything outside / all my hobbies – without feeling out of shape, getting injured, or being unable to do something physical or mental.

Episode Description: In this conversation, Jaci Wilson, a member of the Brooks Running Collective, discusses her running journey and her love for both running and hunting. She shares how she initially disliked running in high school but later found it to be a stress release and a way to clear her mind. Jack talks about her passion for trail running and her preference for scenic routes. She also mentions her interest in transitioning to ultra running and the encouragement she has received from other ultra runners. Additionally, she discusses her love for hunting and how it complements her running lifestyle. Jaci Wilson discusses her experiences with hunting, running, and strength training. She talks about the challenges of hunting in the winter, including protecting her dogs from frostbite. Jaci also shares her love for strength training and how it has benefited her running. She mentions her favorite running gear, including Brooks shoes and Nathan hydration packs. Jaci discusses her coaching business and the importance of nutrition in training. She shares her go-to race nutrition, such as Maurten and Awesome Sauce.

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About the podcast: Hosted by Justin and Robbie. We feature everyday people doing extraordinary things!

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