The intent of the pawback is to work on pulling the foot underneath the body. You want the circular motion AND you want to make sure you foot lands underneath you, (not too far in front to the point you are overstriding). The extension (which started from the knee drive from webinar #1 – see my stories for a demonstration today) prestretches the hamstring and the glute and helps activate them. This also preps your muscles to pull your leg down and pulls you forward as you make contact with the ground. This also improves your push off (the heel raise will be discussed in webinar #3).

Standing: Lift knee, flick shin, pull leg back, squeeze your glute

Walking: make sure your foot lands underneath you so your steps will be very small, you want to feel your glutes

Running: Hop and pull

Start with standing first – master the move before you add movement. Form is key!

Watch the demo here!

I put together a demonstration with a voiceover so you can practice and get your form down!

Watch the demo here!