🚨 The off season isn’t about NOT running. 🚨 It’s about reconnecting with your love for running, promoting recovery, reflecting on your past performances and what goals you want to strive for next, continuing to run (lower mileage than a training cycle) so you don’t have to “start over” when gearing up for a training cycle, AND most importantly, working on “ALL THE THINGS” (strength training, nutrition, sleep, mobility, mindset, running form/technique, etc.) that will benefit your running (mentally, physically and emotionally) when you start getting ready for your next training cycle.

Running goals and PRs are NOT made in the couple months leading up to your race; they START in the off-season. Getting stronger and faster, becoming a smarter runner, and being more mentally fit is the accumulation of months upon months of consistent training leading up to your training cycle.

HOWEVER, the off-season CAN get mundane or boring…

OR you may be burnt out from running after completing your last race.

That’s why having a plan for the off-season is SO important❗️

If you have big running goals for 2023, NOW is the time to start working on them.

But you may be like, wait, Coach Jaci, what about rest? I’m exhausted. I need to rest.

YES, rest is crucial❗️ Rest is part of the off-season❗️ Off-season training is NOT high mileage marathon training. Off-season training is working on areas that need more focus like sleep, strength training, mobility and nutrition. You CAN make significant gains during the off-season to set yourself up for a successful training cycle before your next race/goal❗️

Every runner is unique, and every runner has different goals, which means every runner’s off-season is DIFFERENT – Every plan is tailored to the runner.

But an off-season does NOT mean “NOT running.” It means incorporating “ALL THE THINGS” and building routines/habits INTO your life WITH running (less mileage and less intensity). It means working on the things that you maybe didn’t do during training and/or your weaknesses.

In turn, the habits and routines that you build in the off-season will be a part of your life when you start your next training cycle AND the gains you have made with “ALL THE THINGS” will enhance your running/performance when you start training for a race again❗️

YES, you need rest and recovery – you canNOT train 365 days a year without running into burnout, injuries and/or a decrease in performance. HOWEVER, you CAN make significant gains during the off-season to set yourself up for a successful training cycle before your next race/goal❗️

Make Off-Season Gains!

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Make Off-Season Gains!