High knees are important when it comes to running efficiency. They are the EXAGGERATION of driving your knees up when you run.

Form cues:
➡️ Don’t sulk in your hips/lean forward and down – Tuck your hips underneath your shoulders
➡️ Activate your core and glutes
➡️ Keep your feet dorsiflexed
➡️ 90 degree angles throughout your lower leg

Remember to push down into the ground to get a bouncy drill, focus on pushing off the ground instead of pulling your knees up – internalize this and you WILL feel it. It’s that mind-muscle connection❗️

🚨 Don’t just half-ass your drills 🚨

Form in your drills transfers to form in your runs – so if you have bad habits in your drills you have habits in your runs 💥😱

Doing high knees can also help your Knee Drive Drill, A-skip and B-skip 🙌

Listen to the high knee form cues here!

I put together a demonstration of the high knee drill with form cues for you!

Listen to the high knee form cues here!