“I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.”

💥 Wow 💥 I had to read that line in my book multiple times this morning.

Are you living your own life❓LIVING BY DESIGN, NOT BY DEFAULT❓Or are you living by someone else’s agenda❓

I used to work in transaction consulting services at a Top 25 CPA firm. Basically, I helped business owners sell their business(es) from start to finish – from putting together marketing materials and talking to potential buyers to signing the purchase agreement. MOST business owners were looking to retire BUT not all were of the usual retirement age. Some were in their 40s, had worked hard for their earnings, and were ready to slow down and spend time with family.

✅ THAT is the life I want❗I want to 💥 H U S T L E 💥 NOW building my own business while doing ALL the things I LOVE. I want to control and CREATE my future. I want the TIME FREEDOM to do what I want when I want to AND I don’t want limits placed on my earnings or my job position.

I don’t want to be working hard for someone else’s dreams and goals and I don’t want to be watching someone else retire. I WANT to be that person❗I want to be traveling, gardening, going to the lake and spending time with my family while I’m still young – I’m CREATING my life and LIVING it by DESIGN❗

I’m looking for 🔟 MOTIVATED + GOAL ORIENTED + DRIVEN busy AF runners who want to live their lives without limits, who are looking for MORE in life and who want to hustle hard now and enjoy every day while doing it, creating a life by DESIGN❗

If this is you, message me or click on the link in my bio❗

STOP living a life by DEFAULT❗

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