💥 Water alone does NOT hydrate you 💥

Water molecules need SODIUM to attach to the cells in your body for optimal hydration. Without sodium, water will go right through you. As a result, you aren’t actually hydrating, and your body will crave more and more water, creating the “always thirsty” feeling or a fake hunger.

I noticed this while I was training for my first marathon. I’m a big water drinker, but I was constantly thirsty, in the afternoon I would feel drained, and sometimes I “felt” hungry when in fact I was not.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post on WHAT to look for in a hydration source and what NOT to use❗The research that I’ve done & what I learned in my female physiology for endurance athletes course has been game changing for me and my runners❗

➡️ It’s common among runners.

I needed to replace my electrolytes:
✅ Sodium
✅ Potassium
✅ Magnesium
✅ Calcium
✅ Chloride

And I was going to do it the RIGHT way. No Gatorade, Powerade, or other sports drinks for me – they have a carbohydrate concentration of 5% or more and contain fructose or maltodextrin, which actually leads to DEHYDRATION❗

I drink my PLANT-BASED, ALL NATURAL, healthy Gatorade, without the added sugars and artificial ingredients. It doesn’t contain fructose OR maltodextrin 🙌 and has a carbohydrate solution of 3%. It’s 💥HYPOtonic💥, meaning it is LESS concentrated & therefore will absorb faster into your blood stream, ushering its electrolyte content & aiding the body’s fluid balance. And it also contains QUERCETIN, which is an anti-histamine, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and a great pain killer❗

I drink it EVERY morning during my workout & finish it after my run if there is any left, as well as in the afternoons if I start to feel drained or dehydrated.

Make sure you are staying hydrated and know WHAT you are putting IN your body❗

🌞 This summer I’ll be drinking it at the lake and while gardening or mowing AND I love making POPSICLES for after a hot run❗

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