The average American eats ¾ of a bag of sugar A WEEK.

Yes. A WEEK. That’s 152lbs a year. 🎤 The average American child eats 34 teaspoons of sugar A DAY.

No wonder sugar addiction is a HUGE issue!

I’ve struggled with sugar addiction and emotional eating for YEARS! 💥 I understand the struggle! 😫 It got to the point of me taking desserts out of the freezer and hiding when I ate them. And one double chocolate chip zucchini brownie leads to a second and a third and a forth…

➡️ BUT I have found the SOLUTION. My Superfoods shake and my nutrition.

I fuel my body for PERFORMANCE! 🙌 I ask myself, will this (insert food) make me feel good, fuel my body properly, help me build lean muscle, make me a faster runner, etc?

If I have to ask myself that, I probably shouldn’t eat it and usually won’t.

Yes, I will have dessert ON OCCASION, but I don’t have it often because of the way my body feels afterwards. It DOES NOT AGREE with sugar. 🍪🎂🍦AND if I do have dessert, I make sure it’s the last one or out of the house because I will WANT IT ALL!

Our bodies REACT to sugar like NARCOTICS. 🎤 It takes time to not give into the sugar. It doesn’t get easier, but you get stronger! I’m to the point in my journey where baking (which I love to do) doesn’t bother me and my husband can eat a piece of cake in front of me, but that doesn’t ever mean that I don’t crave it!

➡️ So that’s where my Superfoods play a KEY COMPONENT in my nutrition! It tastes like dessert and it takes away the cravings!

✅ To me it’s a NON-NEGOTIABLE and I highly recommend it to my runners as nutrition is key for performance!

And before you say “I’m not a shake person. I like to eat whole foods.” – THINK AGAIN. ➡️ My Superfoods shake IS a WHOLE FOOD! 💥 And it’s packed with essential vitamins and minerals, adaptogens, digestive enzymes, probiotics, prebiotics, phytonutrients, protein, antioxidants, super-greens, and SO MUCH MORE!

Take that SUGAR.

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