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Up until 2 years ago, I worked out & ran fasted. I look back at those times and think “HOW ON EARTH did I ever SURVIVE❓” I’m being 💯% serious with you. If I worked out or ran fasted today, I would not finish that workout & I would start walking on that run.

It is ONE of the MOST SENSITIVE TOPICS that I talk to my clients and runners about because a lot of them are in the same spot I was in.

❌ I can’t eat before I workout.
❌ I can’t get up super early.
❌ I’m not a breakfast person.
❌ I’m not hungry.
❌ Blah. Blah. Blah.

Your body will adjust❗You have to train it just like you train it to use fuel on your long runs.

It is ONE OF THE BIGGEST CHANGES that you can make to your training TODAY that can have immediate results tomorrow. My runners implement a preworkout meal and feel a difference right away❗

Working out fasted INCREASES cortisol levels which can stimulate fat storage. It is ESPECIALLY important if you workout/run first thing in the morning because we start out in a catabolic state, further increasing the cortisol levels in our body. AND working out in a fasted state doubles your muscle breakdown.

Eating a preworkout meal with protein boosts blood sugar levels so that your cortisol levels drop. You will:
✅ Feel better mentally and physically.
✅ Have more energy
✅ Recover faster because the protein helps minimize muscle breakdown

If you can’t handle a lot in the morning, START SMALL❗ An egg, half a banana, a piece of toast, but I encourage you to start with protein❗Trust the process❗

The difference between you and your best comes down to how you fuel❗Make it a priority❗

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