Save these SIMPLE RECIPESâť—

Make sure to click the đź’Ą flag đź’Ą under the picture to save the recipe for later & check out my STORIES for MORE RECIPESâť—Kid and husband approved breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks and dessertsâť—

I KEEP IT SIMPLEâť—And quickâť—

Eating healthy does NOT have to be difficult. It is what you make of itâť—You can make an entire delicious meal without a recipe and with foods that start out as one whole ingredient.

Most days I don’t have a recipe because my husband and I typically have a simple meat, potatoes and veggie meal for both supper and lunch; BUT, if I do have a recipe, it’s usually fairly simple❗

This BROCCOLINI & POTATOES recipe is one of our FAVORITES❗If it’s husband approved and he doesn’t know it is considered “healthy” it’s a HUGE WIN❗

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