This picture makes me hungry just looking at it! I created this recipe back in 2018 when I was increasing my intake and really focusing on fueling BEFORE and AFTER my runs. I’m a breakfast food person so creating a recipe that I wouldn’t get tired of AND that would fuel my lifts and runs (and help me recover) was a MUST!

Back in 2018, I ate eggbake before my runs and lifts because it sat light, and then had these muffins after my runs. As my metabolism increased and I got hungrier before my runs, I transitioned to eating these muffins before my runs because they keep me fuller.

This recipe is VERY flexible. I switch up the veggies, protein, and carbs from week to week.

Sometimes I add some banana, other weeks I add strawberries, blueberries, or honeyberries from our garden. The juice adds SO much flavor.

Also, please note that I do NOT measure cinnamon. I LOVE cinnamon so I just dump it in and then add some more 🙂

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