Race day is 9 days away so I’m making sure my nutrition is 💯 on point! In order to perform my best, I need to fuel my body with THE BEST, which means I’m eating the best of the best whole foods!

BUT ➡️ in order to ensure that my body is absorbing the most nutrition out of the food that I eat, I need to have a HEALTHY GUT!

How do you get a healthy gut? 👉 By eating a balanced diet with a variety of probiotics and prebiotics!

🔹️PROBIOTICS are good bacteria that help create a healthy environment the intestines, to maintain healthy and improved digestive function.

🔹️PROBIOTICS are the “food” that fuels the growth of probiotics. WHOLE FOODS are THE BEST way to get both probiotics and prebiotics.

✅ Which is why I eat a balanced diet of whole foods AND drink my SUPERFOODS EVERYDAY!

💥 My Superfoods shake is a WHOLE FOOD, packed with 70+ superfoods that contain essential vitamins and minerals, PROBIOTICS, PREBIOTICS, digestive enzymes, adaptogens, antioxidants, phytonutrients, protein, super-greens, and so much more!
So I know I’m fueling my body best and am doing everything I can do and control to performance my best! The rest is up to my body!

Other benefits include:
🔹️Improved energy
🔹️Increased immunity – DISTANCE RUNNERS, you NEED this!
🔹️Increased heat tolerance
🔹️Lower inflammation
🔹️Improved well-being

👉 Are YOU ready to dial in on your nutrition and fuel your body for performance to crush your next training cycle and race!?

👉 Send me a message if you are ready because I’ve got ONE spot left in my MAY Bootcamp – we start MONDAY!

How Shakeology has worked for others:
“Shakeology is an afternoon lifesaver. I always get so hungry after lunch! As soon as lunch is over I would be thinking about what kind of junk I could eat now because I was still hungry. Now, in the afternoons, I grab for my chocolate cherry delight. It’s like a treat that is SO GOOD FOR ME and tastes AMAZING.”
– Mackenzie K.
“When I am working, I drink Shakeology as breakfast on my way to work. It saves me a lot of time on those busy mornings. When I am not working I drink it in the afternoon to help with cravings. It has helped with hair growth too!”
– Janelle C.

“Shakeology fills in all the gaps in my nutrition. It’s a sweet treat and helps curb cravings in the afternoon when my sweet tooth kicks in. It’s also helped with my digestive system!”

– Kierstynn R.
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