DON’T STOP TRAINING❗Training for a race is EXACTLY what you need to be doing right now❗

No, you may not know WHEN that race may be, but the things that will keep you healthy RIGHT NOW are the things that 💣 YOU SHOULD 💣 be doing while training for a race❗

🔹️🏃‍♀️(let’s be real, it keeps us all sane)
🔹️Eating whole foods
🔹Drinking enough water
🔹️Chatting with friends & encouraging/supporting them through their training

You all hear me talk about it daily – DO ALL THE THINGS❗

And although I may want to EAT MY FEELINGS about 💛 Boston💙 & 2️⃣ other trips I had planned this spring, I’m doing the responsible thing by CONTINUING my training & DOING ALL THING THINGS as usual❗I LOVE TRAINING so I might as well just TRAIN FOR LIFE❗

One of those daily non-negotiables is fueling my body with WHOLE FOODS & my SUPERFOODS because NUTRITION IMPACTS IMMUNITY❗

Eating a balanced diet of whole foods is essential for maximizing our training, performance & recovery, & should be a PART of our training plan❗Whether you are training or not, NUTRITION is one of the most beneficial things you can START RIGHT NOW.

Whole foods energize, nourish & restore. They provide us with essential vitamins & minerals that our bodies need to turn food into energy, boost immunity, build strength & endurance, repair muscles, perform our best & live life❗

Vitamin A, C, E, zinc & probiotics are some of the vitamins/nutrients/minerals that boost the immune system.

It’s becoming INCREASINGLY HARDER to get all the vitamins & nutrients that our bodies need on a daily basis due to soil depletion so I drink my 💥 Superfoods EVERY SINGLE DAY❗

It’s packed with 7️⃣0️⃣+ superfoods that contain vitamins, minerals, probiotics, adaptogens & antioxidants that help maintain a strong immune system, including:

  • Goji Berries
  • Spirulina
  • Chlorella
  • Astragalus root
  • Rose hips (high in vitamin C, antioxidants)
  • Spinach (high in vitamins A, C, E, antioxidants)
  • Barley Grass Juice (high in vitamins A, C, E, antioxidants)
  • Camu Camu (has the highest content of vitamin C on Earth, antioxidants)

I take my nutrition seriously EVERYDAY & fuel my body with what it needs to 💥 TRAIN FOR LIFE❗

How Shakeology has worked for others:
“Shakeology is an afternoon lifesaver. I always get so hungry after lunch! As soon as lunch is over I would be thinking about what kind of junk I could eat now because I was still hungry. Now, in the afternoons, I grab for my chocolate cherry delight. It’s like a treat that is SO GOOD FOR ME and tastes AMAZING.”
– Mackenzie K.
“When I am working, I drink Shakeology as breakfast on my way to work. It saves me a lot of time on those busy mornings. When I am not working I drink it in the afternoon to help with cravings. It has helped with hair growth too!”
– Janelle C.

“Shakeology fills in all the gaps in my nutrition. It’s a sweet treat and helps curb cravings in the afternoon when my sweet tooth kicks in. It’s also helped with my digestive system!”

– Kierstynn R.

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