➡️ Do you get sore after a hard run or workout❓

Being sore is okay, but it SHOULDN’T PREVENT you from pushing your hardest in tomorrow’s run/workout. If you are too sore, you AREN’T recovering right!

Not only do you need to get adequate rest (see my post from yesterday) and stretch and foam roll, but you also need to ⛽ REFUEL ⛽ your body after exercise! DON’T wait 1, 2, 3 hours until you eat.

➡️ But what do you refuel with❓


We always hear the ratio 3g carbohydrates to 1g protein. BUT females need protein FIRST and FAST. Get that in IMMEDIATELY and then have a post workout meal with carbs and protein 1-2 hours after your workout.

Today was my favorite LEG DAY workout followed by a 10 mile easy run with friends. I LOVE leg day and I lift extremely heavy. HOWEVER, I am RARELY sore because I refuel my body IMMEDIATELY with my postworkout shake.

It’s plant-based and 100% natural! It uses fast-, intermediate-, and slow-release proteins, BCAAs, a small amount of carbohydrates, and a powerful pomegranate extract that work together to:

✅ Speed muscle RECOVERY
✅ Combat exercise-induced muscle SORENESS
✅ Promote lean-muscle SYNTHESIS
✅ Improve muscle STRENGTH recovery

Now don’t get me wrong – I LOVE the feeling of being sore because it lets me know that I worked hard, BUT I want to be able to sit down and walk up the stairs tomorrow!

This 🍫 CHOCOLATE 🍫 goodness allows me to PUSH HARD DAY AFTER DAY AFTER DAY! And it has helped me tone and build significant lean muscle over the last 1.5 years!

This morning I blended it with frozen plantain, frozen banana, cacao nibs, ice, a little coffee, and water!

💥 REFUEL YOUR BODY! It is so so SO important to our training, performance, and recovery! 💥

➡️ My next Bootcamp is going to have a special focus on fueling our bodies properly! Reach out to me here if you want in!

How Recover has worked for others:
“I’m a run streaker- I’ve ran over 2400 days now! Pair that with the programs and you get some SORENESS. Recover has allowed me to push through my workouts and run and be able to repair my muscles to do it all over again the next day.”
– Mackenzie K.
“I’m rarely sore after lifting… And I push HARD! I’m recovering more efficiently between workouts and am able to just keep going each day!”
– Sarah S.

“Recover has influenced my training both mentally and physically. I used to think waiting hours after working out to eat was necessary in order to see results. After learning about the benefits I decided to give it a try and there is no going back now. I often crave my recover in the middle of a workout and make it a priority to have it right after my workout. I now am no longer sore the next day. I used to hold back in workouts because I would be worried that my body would be too sore the next day. Now I feel that I can push harder in my workouts knowing that I will be fueling my body properly right when I am done to be prepared for tomorrow.”

– Katie S.

“Recover has helped me feel better after workouts, helps my muscles not feel sore and I typically don’t like to eat solid food right away, so recover has been perfect right after running.”

– Jami K.
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Get ahead on your recovery with Chocolate Plant-Based Recover

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