This is how much time I had…

When I decided to make a change in my health and my life.

You need to throw out the TIME EXCUSE. You get ONE life. I’m not going to live with any regrets or any “I should have”s or any “I wish I had”s. If your health, financial, family or time FREEDOM was important to you, you would MAKE time and find a way.

➡️ I DIDN’T HAVE TIME when I started cleaning up my nutrition and fueling my body for LIFE instead of eating whatever I wanted, skipping meals because of the desserts I ate, and regretting the sugar I consumed when I had to stop on my runs.

➡️ I DIDN’T HAVE TIME when I started incorporating function fitness, effective and efficient workouts that build my glutes and core.
✅ I was going to grad school full-time AND working crazy hours at my full-time consulting job.

➡️ I DIDN’T HAVE TIME when I started coaching and when I started my business.
✅ I was studying for the CPA exam AND working insane hours. I got 4️⃣ hours of sleep per night since I started grad school in 2015.

I MADE THE TIME because I only get one life 💣 I want to live it to my fullest. I don’t want to be constrained by my health, my wealth, my time or someone else. I want to CREATE the life that I WANT on my own terms, after all it is MY life. No one else is living it for me 💥

🛑 So stop with the excuses. MAKE the time or say ➡️ “My life, my goals, and my dreams are NOT a priority.” If you want to change that, I’m hosting a webinar Thursday at 4:30PM CST about what I do as a coach and HOW it can work for YOU❗How it can FIT INTO your life and change it❗

➡️ Contact me for the webinar link❗

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