🚨 FORM CHECK 🚨 Are you focusing on FORM when you get in the PAIN CAVE of your race❓️

At mile 1️⃣1️⃣ of my most recent half marathon I wasn’t dying waiting for the finish line to find me, my mind connected to my body automatically – I started checking in with my form reminding myself to drive my knee up and forward and to not shuffle my feet WITHOUT even thinking about it❗️

The power of repetition of running drills is muscle memory and the mind-muscle connection❗️

Thinking about form is at first a conscious thought, BUT then it becomes subconscious with repetition❗️

The more you practice your drills the better your technique will be during your training runs and your races❗️

The better your technique, the better your running efficiency and the faster you can run 🙌

Things to think about
Are you lifting your knees❓️Or are your feet barely leaving the ground❓️

Do you feel strong❓️Or are your legs like bricks❓️

Are you focused on the moment at hand❓️ Or are you just waiting to be done❓️

What are your arms doing❓️

Is your core strong with a slight lean forward at the ankles❓️ Or are you hunched over❓️

Is your core engaged❓️ What hurts❓️ How’s your lower back❓️ Are your quad burning or are your glutes driving your run❓️

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Get Warm-Up Guide for Runners here