🚨 EVERY runner is different BUT EVERY runner goes through the same motion which means EVERY runner should do these THREE STRENGTH DRILLS
1️⃣ Knee Drive Drill
2️⃣ Pawback/Pullback Drill
3️⃣ Heel Raise/Explosive Calf Raise/Ankle Extension Drill

Your run is 80% knee drive and pawback. The other 20% is the heel raise/ankle extension 🤯

1️⃣ The knee drive is the act of driving the thigh forward with the hip flexors. The greater the strength and speed of this action, the greater your stride frequency and the better you are set up for the pawback motion.

2️⃣ The intent of the pawback is to work on pulling the foot underneath the body. You want the circular motion. Make sure your foot lands underneath you, not too far in front (overstriding). The extension prestretches the hamstring and the glute and helps activate them which also improves your push off.

3️⃣ To duplicate the ankle extension which is the main action in the push-off do calf raises. Hold at the top for 1-2 seconds. Go through the full range of motion.

Check out my other reels for more details on these 3 moves and join us for our next webinar for a deep dive into these three 😍

Watch the three drills here!

I put together a demonstration of the three drills for you!

Watch the three drills here!