It may not seem like it, but nutrition was my BIGGEST STRUGGLE. And it STILL IS!

Nutrition is HARD! Staying consistent is hard. Would I rather eat a huge piece of double chocolate chip zucchini cake with marshmallows and my grandma’s famous fudge frosting for an afternoon snack than veggies, even though I love veggies? Heck yes!

Some days are harder than others, but CONSISTENCY is key! We must remember what food does for our bodies! We must remind ourselves that food is so much more than calories in and calories out. FOOD IS FUEL! Whole foods nourish our bodies, restore our glycogen levels, repair our muscles, aid in recovery, give us a boost of energy, help us perform better, and so much more!

Meal PLANNING, meal PREPPING, and PORTION CONTROL have helped me make food a priority! I started fueling my body PROPERLY, with the right foods, at the right times, in the right amounts. I started to look at food as fuel. That’s when I started seeing results. That’s how I lost the weight. That’s how I gained lean muscle. That’s how I crushed my first marathon and PR’d every half marathon in 2018. Food fuels your body and in return your body will thank you.

That’s why I do what I do. Being prepared and eating properly makes me feel strong, empowered, and AMAZING!!! And I am beyond excited to help you make a transformation of your own! We start MONDAY so grab your spot now!

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Are you ready to improve your running by fueling your body? Grab your spot now!

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