I cut my half marathon time IN HALF with nutrition and I took 🔟 MIN OFF my time by eating a preworkout meal.

❌ I used to workout FASTED.
❌ I used to eat two hard boiled eggs and half a cup of oatmeal with peanut butter and homemade jam three hours after my workout.
❌ I used to eat 1,200-1,500 calories a day because that’s what I was “supposed to” eat in order to lose weight.
❌ I used to be STARVING all day!
❌ I used to eat 5 SMALL meals a day.
❌ I didn’t eat more because I wanted to lose a little more weight… but I STOPPED SEEING RESULTS because I didn’t increase my intake.

✅ Now I eat a PREWORKOUT meal.
✅ Now I drink a recovery shake as soon as I finish working out or get back from my run. PLUS I eat a huge post workout meal 1-1.5 hours after my recovery shake.
✅ Now I eat 2,500-2,800 calories a day because that’s what my body needs to recover, maintain my weight, and build lean muscle.
✅ Now I am hungry 2-2.5 hours after my last meal, but I’m not starving! The hunger is manageable, and I actually like the feeling because I know my body is using the fuel that I fed it!
✅ Now I eat 7 meals a day and they aren’t small! 💯

➡️ You must EAT!!!!! Food is fuel❗If you reduce your intake by too much and/or for too long your body will hold on to the weight that you are trying to lose because your body doesn’t know when it will be fed next. It’s in survival mode.

➡️ I started seeing results the week that I increased my intake❗Now – everyone’s body is different – you must give your body time to adjust – but your body will love you for it❗

💥 Are you ready to make FOOD a PRIORITY in your training plan❓🙋‍♀️

💥 Learn HOW MUCH food to eat, WHAT to eat, and WHEN, to fuel your body PROPERLY for your goals and activity/performance level❗No quick fixes❗It’s a lifestyle❗

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