How do YOU refuel after a race?

💥 Yes, nutrition impacts how you train and perform, but it also has a huge impact on how you RECOVER! 💯

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Chips, M&M’s, “protein bites” with 3g of protein and a ton of sugar, popsicles, and bananas?


Banana and post-race plant-based muscle repair ‘Chocolate milk’ with BCAAs, carbohydrates and pomegranate extract (no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners or preservatives) that:

🔹️Speeds muscle recovery
🔹️Promotes lean-muscle synthesis
🔹️Combats exercise-induced muscle soreness
🔹️Improves muscle strength recovery

Squash carrot muffins topped with coconut oil and cacao nibs (nut butters are the best on top but I can’t do that anymore) plus cafe latte superfoods – a perfect balance of macronutrients, no added sugars or foreign ingredients, all whole foods one hour after the race.

➡️ Which do you pick?

Our bodies need protein (with BCAAs) WITHIN 30 minutes of exercise to stop muscle breakdown and to promote muscle repair and regrowth. We then need a combination of protein and carbs 1-2 hours later.

💥 Quality is important!💥

Yes chips provide carbs and sodium, candy provides carbs and sugar, and protein bites provide a TINY bit of protein, but it’s not enough protein and the source of your protein and carbs makes a huge difference on recovery!

And I’m not saying don’t enjoy a meal or a treat after being on point with your nutrition while training for months, just don’t go overboard and get some quality food in your body!

How Recover has worked for others:
“I’m a run streaker- I’ve ran over 2400 days now! Pair that with the programs and you get some SORENESS. Recover has allowed me to push through my workouts and run and be able to repair my muscles to do it all over again the next day.”
– Mackenzie K.
“I’m rarely sore after lifting… And I push HARD! I’m recovering more efficiently between workouts and am able to just keep going each day!”
– Sarah S.

“Recover has influenced my training both mentally and physically. I used to think waiting hours after working out to eat was necessary in order to see results. After learning about the benefits I decided to give it a try and there is no going back now. I often crave my recover in the middle of a workout and make it a priority to have it right after my workout. I now am no longer sore the next day. I used to hold back in workouts because I would be worried that my body would be too sore the next day. Now I feel that I can push harder in my workouts knowing that I will be fueling my body properly right when I am done to be prepared for tomorrow.”

– Katie S.

“Recover has helped me feel better after workouts, helps my muscles not feel sore and I typically don’t like to eat solid food right away, so recover has been perfect right after running.”

– Jami K.
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